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The Bible Society in Northern Ireland has a simple but profound Vision: "To reach everyone with God’s Word in a language and medium they can access and afford, so that each person might experience God’s purpose for their life".

The Society works closely as part of the worldwide United Bible Societies to achieve the most effective translation, publication, and distribution of the Bible in the 7,000 languages spoken today. We aim to reach everyone, recognising the need to use both print and many other formats to reach those who are not literate, or those who cannot see or hear God's Word due to a disability. Technology now allows us to provide over 900 versions of the Bible text in 600 languages as a free download for smart phones and tablets to serve a new generation....and those who live in cultures that are hard to reach.

This website is for you to share in both the activities of BSNI and our passion to make God's Word heard. If there is a Bible product or resource that you need please get in touch!

Autumn 2014 Word at Work

Poster w w autumn 2014 poster image large
We trust you will enjoy the Summer Edition of Word at Work and that, like us, you will be thrilled to read what God is doing around the world. As well as the regular News Pages and Prayer materia...More...

Welcome to Bible Sunday 2014

Thank you for choosing to use this year's Bible Sunday resources. As every Church is unique, the material is designed to be used as a skeleton for you to dip in and out of. You can use all of the mate...


Bibles for Cuba

The Need is Great - So are the Opportunities!Cuba has had a rocky past and there are still many shadows from that time. However let’s praise God that in terms of Christianity… much is cha...


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