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The upsetting images we’ve seen on our television screens, the heart breaking stories we’ve been told, the cries of help that are being heard… what is our response?

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We have seen too clearly in the media the horrors from which people in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and other countries within the conflict zone of the Middle East are fleeing. Escaping the threat and destruction of their homes they take dangerous routes in an effort to reach safety. On the way they risk their lives and separation from loved ones.Many thousands of refugees are making a journey into and across Europe searching for safety and protection. 

So how do we in Northern Ireland reach out to our brothers and sisters across Europe? How do we welcome, feed and clothe them; showing God’s love to the vulnerable and scared?


Bible Societies across Central Europe are living out God’s Word and bringing His love to the refugees, responding to their needs with practical aid and God’s comforting Word. Aid packages are being distributed containing items such as:

Aid package for refugees Sanitary kits with shower gel, soap, detergent, toothpaste, razors, wet wipes,  antibacterial hand gel and tissues;

Water and cartons of fruit juice;

Scripture booklets entitled ‘On the Road: A Journey through the Bible for Migrants’ – this booklet giving 33 Scripture passages which speak directly into a migrant’s life is available in seven languages.


We need to stand together to show God’s love in this practical way, caring for the needs of the vulnerable and praying God’s promises of hope and comfort over them.

Please help deliver this care. A donation of just £7.50 would allow an aid package to be given to someone living in despair. Contact Bible House on 028 9032 6577 to find out how you could support this project. 


Matthew 25:35-36

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